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"When they smell your scent, the only place they will want to be is closer."

"When they smell your scent, the only place they will want to be is closer."

The Designer

Michel Germain is the award-winning perfumer who creates luxury fragrances that invite seduction using gorgeous, natural oils.

Known internationally for their natural oils, his fragrances invite closeness, create allure, and inspire love. It is this element of Michel Germain fragrances that have catapulted the brand to the top of the fragrance market and into a niche of its very own.

lifetime achievement fragnance award

Michel Germain is the fragrance industry’s “Lifetime Achievement” award winner which honors his contribution to the fragrance world for over 25 years. His prestige fragrance collections are top sellers in luxury department stores, including Macy’s and Hudson’s Bay.

Michel began his career out of love for his wife, Norma, in search of a fragrance blend that she would fall madly in love with every day. When Michel had met Norma, she refused to wear fragrance as she could not find one that smelled breathtakingly gorgeous and made her feel sexual and attractive, as if she had that intensity of attraction no on else could claim.

Michel & Norma
Michel smelling the flowers

Studying the bibles of perfumery and natural oils in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France, he became known as the authority in natural oil perfumery.

When he blended his first fragrance, he tested the perfume on thousands of women, in and out of focus groups, before offering it as a gift to Norma. She loved the perfume and Michel named it, "Sexual". It became an international best seller and worn by millions. With each subsequent fragrance, Norma loves every scent or Michel will not offer it to the world.

Michel working

Still owned by Michel Germain, it is the niche fragrance company that has its designer in house, ensuring daily that his luxury fragrances are blended and bottled to his high standards.

The prestige fragrance collection includes more than 20 scents for women and men who love unexpected fragrances that embody luxury, sophistication, and are completely addictive.

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