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Decorate Your Home With Scent

Fragrance is an accessory that adds beauty and sensuality not only on your skin, but can bring this beauty to your home as well. Here are a few ways to use your favourite Michel Germain perfume or cologne in your home.

In your living room, spritz each lightbulb twice. Every time you switch on a lamp, you will have a soft version of your scent wafting through the air. Reapply as needed. Enjoy!

Spritz your favourite Michel Germain scent on your towels. The scent will leave beautiful scented memories and create a gorgeous, luxurious touch for your guests. Enjoy!

In your front hallway to greet your guests, buy some pretty glass stones or scent diffuser sticks and place them in a pretty glass jar or bottle. Spray the stones and scent diffuser sticks liberally with your favourite Michel Germain scent and re-apply as needed.

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