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  • How to Spice Up a Relationship

    Learn five ways to spice up a relationship and how to put a spark back into your lives and keep it exciting!
  • How to Wear Perfume in the Summer Heat

    Summer is a joyful time of sun, fun, and sometimes intensely warm weather.  So how do you know how much fragrance to wear in the summer and how to apply fragrance in the summer?  We have easy “How to Wear Summer fragrance” ideas for you.  Perfect!
  • The Secret to Scenting Your Home Beautifully

    Fragrance is an accessory that adds beauty and gorgeousness not only to your skin, but to your home as well.  So, how do your fragrance your home?   
  • How Long Does Fragrance Last?  

    Fragrance is an essential for style, indulgence, and it adds a self-confident flare to life.  And since it is so precious to us, it is important to know how long it will last and how to extend scent life.
  • How to Rekindle a Relationship

    Although our partners mean the world to us, someone we thought to be the sexiest person alive can slowly turn into more of a friend than a lover.  Here is some advice on maintaining the spice!
  • How Cologne Can Help You Feel More Successful and Be More Attractive to Women

    How does wearing cologne increase the chances of success for men?  We have the answers.  Learn how cologne can make you more attractive and successful.
  • Sexual Sugar or Sugarful?  How to choose?

    Sugary scents are to die for.  Once you have one, you can’t stop.  But how do you choose between Sexual Sugar and Sugarful?  We’re here to help.
  • What Are Top, Middle, and Base Notes in Fragrances and Why Are They Important?

    In Michel’s perfume artistry, layers and shades of different scents add allure and create intrigue for those women and men who wear them, and the wearer also becomes the art that is celebrated. 
  • Forbes Names Sexual by Michel Germain One of the Best Cologne to Attract Women

    One of the best ways to attract women, before you even say a word, is to have a sense of style and exude confidence.  Women instantly sense, and a...
  • Men's Journal Names Sexual Pour Homme The Best Cologne Women Can't Get Enough Of

    Want to know more about how Scent Attraction works? Read the full article by Men's Journal here:
  • Premium Beauty News - Manufacturing the Michel Collection Caps

    Learn the meaning behind the Michel Collection, and how the cap design was imperative to the fragrance. Designed for you in the tradition of Frenc...
  • How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer | Michel Germain Perfumes

    Table of Contents 1. Spritz perfume where you naturally feel warm on your skin. 2. Layer your perfume with its matching body lotion. 3. Know wha...

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special