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  • Watch our Founder, Michel Germain, as Guest Judge on the Netflix Series Blown Away Season 2

    The hot shop is open again!  Blown Away returned to Netflix on January 22, 2021 for its second season where a batch of glass-blowing artists from around the world battle the heat, the clock, and each other in 10 dynamic challenges.
  • Sweet Dreams with Fragrances😴

    Want to have sweet dreams at night?  The emotions of your dreams can be positively influenced if you fall asleep to the scent of flowers.  Wear Sė...
  • Citrus Perfumes & Colognes Have Uplifting Qualities 🍊🍋

    Feel energized with these bright scents!
  • Why are Sweet Fragrances so Attractive to Men and Women?💋

    Understand the psychology behind sweet perfume & cologne
  • Scents are the Key to Power Dressing for Virtual Meetings 🔑

    Spicy notes will help your confidence
  • Warm Fragrances Promote Confidence😇

    The science behind scent & confidence
  • How scents can help when you are working from home 💻

    In this day of Zoom meetings and Uber conferences, it helps to align your mood to the way you want to appear professionally, even when you are wor...
  • Calming Effects of Perfume & Cologne 🌿

    Studies show that 75% of our emotions are triggered by scents.  For example, certain herbs create feelings of comfort and belonging. Patchouli in ...
  • Time for cozy fires & warm fragrances 🔥

    Fall is the time for cozy fires and a warming Fall fragrances. Our line up of Fall fragrances are filled with gorgeous Autumn notes of spicy ginger...
  • Fragrances Have Mood-Boosting Abilities

    Scent is one of the most powerful of the senses. Our perfumes and colognes have the ability to soothe and relax, letting our brain release chemical...
  • Fragrances Have the Power to Awaken Beautiful Memories

    Scent is one of our most powerful senses.  Whether it be strolling through a flower-filled garden overflowing with beautiful colors, walking along ...
  • Feeling Fresh & Clean With Fragrance

    Clean soapy notes with floral signatures, fresh crystalline accord, and addicting musk create modest, relaxing, and heavenly scents. Feel gorgeousl...

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