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How Long Does Fragrance Last?  

The Secret to Knowing How Long Fragrance Lasts and How to Extend Your Fragrance’s Life. 

Fragrance is an essential for style, indulgence, and it adds a self-confident flare to life.  And since it is so precious to us, it is important to know how long it will last and how to extend scent life.  

Fragrance does expire.  Just like the pretty bouquet of flowers the fragrance oil comes from, fragrance also ages and has to be replaced after a certain amount of time. 

So how long does fragrance last?  For a scent made out of high quality oils, such as our Michel Germain fragrances and our Sexual fragrances, the life span is typically up to 3 years.  Sometimes longer, depending on the floral oils in the perfume or cologne.  Any longer than three to four years and the fragrance will still smell nice, but it will be a vintage version and not the same scent you originally had. 

What are the most delicate oils?  Green notes such as patchouli and vetiver are more delicate and may oxidize a little quicker.  Citrus notes are also delicate and if your favourite fragrance is high in these oils, chances are it won’t last as long in life than one without these fresh notes. 

What fragrance notes last the longest?  Generally oriental or floriental fragrance notes last the longest.   

How long a fragrance lasts also depends on how it is stored.  Like the gorgeous bouquet of flowers your Michel Germain scent originates from, your perfume or cologne oils are delicate.  Flowers and their floral oils (found in both perfume and cologne) do not like heat or sunlight.  So, if you want your fragrances to last, keep them in a cooler area of the room and away from light. 

One myth that doesn’t work when checking if a perfume has expired is whether it has changed colour or not.  A change of colour after you buy the fragrance does not indicate that the fragrance has expired or changed.  Many oils are so delicate in colour and light sensitive that they will deepen or often turn golden once they are exposed to light or sunlight, but the scent stays true to its original scent.  Some oils that change your fragrance’s colour: Vanilla often deepens your perfume or cologne to a more golden colour once it’s exposed to light, but its scent will remain the same.  Other oils that change colour when exposed to light are cinnamon and citrus oils.   

So how do you truly know your fragrance has expired?  Well, if it’s a quality fragrance made with quality oils, like Michel Germain perfumes and colognes, you won’t generally notice.  Your fragrance will age, and evolve, but still smell good.   

(The fragrances that have a higher chance of changing noticeably are the scents that are citrus-based.  These scents may become a little heavier and spicier than normal as citrus is a more delicate oil.)   

Trust your instincts.  If you find you aren’t as happy with your fragrance, its age may be the reason and you may need to replace your favourite scent with a new bottle. 

What happens if you wear expired perfume or cologne?  Nothing, except you won’t smell the same as the first time you wore your favourite scent.  And that is nice to know. 

What is our best secret in knowing how long fragrance will last?  Don’t wait to find out how long it lasts.   

Fragrance is one of life’s best indulgences.  Nothing says, “You are gorgeous” “You are the best” “My life is luxurious in this special way” “I am fabulous!“ all in one spritz.  So, spritz away!  You are definitely, superbly, worth it in every way! 

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special