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How to Rekindle a Relationship

Couples in long-term relationships often take each other for granted.   

Although our partners mean the world to us, sometimes we can get bogged down in the everyday pressures of life and may ignore their sexy side.  How we lose the spice in our relationship and why this happens can be a mystery to us.  How can someone we thought to be the sexiest person alive slowly turn into more of a friend than a lover? 

Actually, this lack of spice in a relationship is a normal stage.  When two people are in a long-term relationship, living life side by side and facing the challenges it brings, they are bound to become a little too comfortable with each other.  This level of comfort is a good thing.  The trick is to rekindle or re-spice up the relationship.   

Here's how to spice up your relationship and rekindle the romance: 

Take a few moments every day to admire his or her body or physical attributes.  Admiring him or her will make him/her feel special.   

Today, and everyday, take a few moments to rekindle your relationship and appreciate your partner’s physical attributes.  Does (s)he have nice buns?  Notice them and let her or him know how attractive they are to you.  Spice up your relationship even more by giving your partner a caress of appreciation as you walk by them in the kitchen.   

Give your partner a quick kiss of admiration as (s)he comes out of the shower.  Are his or her eyes to die for?  Shower them with gentle kisses.  Spend a few moments looking into them in the morning before you get out of bed.    

Rekindle your relationship with a loving massage.  With slow, circular strokes that are relaxing and feel warm and comforting, go over every inch of his or her beautiful body.  Drizzle a seductive, gorgeous massage oil for her or a masculine massage oil for him on their back, arms, or legs.  Use soft pressure in slow circular movements and (s)he’ll melt to your every wish.  Your heart will feel the ultimate, warmest connection with your partner as you both rediscover what you have been overlooking lately.  

Spontaneously put on your favorite, romantic music in the living room and invite your partner to dance with you so you can watch his or her body move.  You can be guaranteed (s)he’ll be watching you too. 

Ask him or her out on a date. Does (s)he love a good movie?  Invite him or her out to dinner and a show so you can snuggle with your partner in the dark.  Kiss and embrace in the theatre -- over and over again to rekindle your relationship and enjoy the romantic spice you used to experience on a date.  You'll both love it once again.  And (s)he'll love you. 

Play “Find the Scent”.  This game is one of the most fun, spiciest ways to rekindle your relationship.   

Spritz your favorite Michel Germain perfume or cologne in different areas of your body.  Michel Germain fragrances all have natural aphrodisiacs, so things can get really spicy with this game. Some of the best areas to spritz: the back of your neck, ankles, midriff, inner thighs, and more (you decide where).  Ask him or her to find where you have adorned yourself with the fragrance.  See how many areas your partner can find before you naturally entwine in a warming embrace.   

The warmth of each other’s breath against skin, the gorgeous, heady aphrodisiacs, and the closeness you both experience will bring romance back to your relationship.   

Remind yourself about your partner’s great personality.  Is he reliable?  Is she thoughtful?  Is he kind towards you?  Those attributes are sexy.  Lucky you.  Keep those personality traits in mind and you will automatically be drawn closer to each other. 

It's easy to ignore your partner's sexy side once you become life-long friends, and it’s understandable.  But it's oh-so-fun to rediscover and indulge in your relationship.  It just needs a little spice, a little rekindling and you will have a great, romantic, and spicy relationship once again.  Good luck and enjoy! 

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special