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What Are Top, Middle, and Base Notes in Fragrances and Why Are They Important?

*Note: we call “base notes” “heart notes” because our base notes are the heart of the fragrance, the notes that linger, drawing others in closer to you.  For the purposes of this article, we will call them “base notes” as that is the more commonly used term you will see. 

Fragrance is art that draws others in and creates memories.   

Perfumer Michel Germain creates each fragrance over months, sometimes years, to perfect a perfume or cologne, with many variations created along the way.  In a work of art, layers and shades of colour add interest, depth, and create intrigue to the painting.  In Michel’s perfume artistry, layers and shades of different scents add allure and create intrigue for those women and men who wear them, and the wearer also becomes the art that is celebrated. 

Michel Germain creates fragrances that unfold as time goes on, relaying to the world a story of who the wearer is and enticing others to come closer to them.  

Sexual Paris Perfume Ingredient Note Chart

Top Notes:  Top notes in fragrances are the fragrance oils that draw others closer first.  They are designed as the “wow” factor to grab attention and make you feel and be the wow factor in life.   

Each Michel Germain fragrance has a wow factor.  Michel Germain swirled top notes of Champagne in Séxūal Paris lady’s and Séxūal Paris men's fragrances for this effect.  In Michel’s Orange Blossom Garden & French Vanilla, it’s luscious Lemon Zest and delicate Violet Leaf are the beautiful top notes.    

Middle Notes:  Middle notes oils reveal themselves next and last from 2-4 hours.  These middle notes make up most of the fragrance and work harmoniously to keep you smelling attractive to others and keep you loving your gorgeously-scented life.   

Find harmonious blends in Séxūal Noir lady’s and Séxūal Noir men’s. Michel’s Raspberry Royale and French Black Pepper blends Orris, Rose, and Patchouli for an intriguing dreaminess found in its middle notes.  

Base Notes:  Base notes in perfume (what we call “Heart Notes") are the longest lasting notes and are warming.  They last up to about 6 hours.  These are the intimate notes that keep a person close to you once they are drawn in by the top and middle notes.  Michel Germain designs base (heart) notes to make you feel like you are deserving of being loved and loved extraordinarily well.   

Find warming heart notes in Séxūal Paris lady’s and Séxūal Paris men’s.  Michel’s Gold Bergamot & Vetiver Royale reveals a mysterious, velvety warmth.  

Enjoy your new fragrance knowledge and feeling like a beautiful work of art in your Michel Germain fragrances. 

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special