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Forbes Names Sexual by Michel Germain One of the Best Cologne to Attract Women

Sexual Pour Homme Couple

One of the best ways to attract women, before you even say a word, is to have a sense of style and exude confidence.  Women instantly sense, and are attracted to, confidence.  And what better (and easier) way to instantly convey and be confident and stylish?  Spritz on the cologne women love and makes them want one more slow inhale of irresistible you. 

Read the excerpt below to find the perfect reasons one of the top experts on attraction, Sophie Saint Thomas, picked Michel Germain’s Sexual for men as being one of the best scents for its seductive qualities:

The Best Colognes to Attract Women by Sophie Saint Thomas, Forbes 

The primary purpose of cologne isn’t to attract women; it just so happens to be a happy consequence of smelling good. Scent has been well studied for its role in sexual attraction (in part thanks to chemicals known as pheromones), and certain smells and scent profiles have made it to the top of the list. From sweet vanillas to manly musks, certain fragrances leave a better impression than others. 

 As a sex journalist, who understands the importance of attraction, I’ve reviewed 13 of the best scents around, each known for its seductive qualities. Remember, one cologne won’t make you an instant catch, but it sure can help you make a memorable impression, primarily because scent is closely linked to memory.

Michel Germain Sexual Pour Homme

The Sexual Pour Homme leaves little to the imagination. This best-selling fragrance by Michel Germain exudes pure masculinity and sensuality with its curation of natural fragrance oils hand-selected to make women go wild. The cologne is a green, fruity Fougere with refreshing top notes of Indian basil, Italian bergamot, Italian clementine, and French melon. 

What makes this one of the best is the scent’s effortless transition from aromatic greens like Asian sage and French lavender into masculine base notes of Indian sandalwood, tonka bean, and Madagascar vanilla. And because it was created with natural fragrance oils, your skin’s natural oils will merge with the fragrance to create your own custom scent.

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Sexual Pour Homme, and all Michel Germain colognes, are created with natural oils that have gorgeous aphrodisiacs that blend with your skin’s warmth and oils to create a scent that is irresistibly masculine, enticing and speak confidence without saying a word.

Sexual Pour Homme

Sexual Pour Homme is infused with inescapable natural oils, Séxual pour homme is the fragrance that attracts and never lets her go.  Rich, Italian bergamot and African Geranium entice with unexpected, but alluring French lavender.  Perfect for seduction anytime, anywhere.  Check it out here.

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Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special

Find the perfect scent for you or a gift for someone special