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Easy Flirt Moves No Man Can Ignore

Man and woman in front of brick wall


Expert flirting takes practice. These 5 sexy moves will help you on your way. Move over Marilyn!

Sex-kitten flirting, like most things, takes practice. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Here are 5 ways to flirt that will get you results:

1. When he comes near you, look him in the eyes as you breath in slowly, saying, "Wow, do you ever smell good." Taking a slow breath in automatically softens the look in your eyes, making you look sultry. Giving eye contact makes you appear boldly confident; while the compliment will make his heart race with anticipation.

2. When shopping at the grocery store, ask that hottie to help you reach for an item on the top shelf. Show him that you can't reach what you need by standing on your tip-toes and stretching upwards. He will have a chance to give your sexystance a once over.

3. When at a bar or party, order two drinks at once. Walk over to the hunk you have been eyeing, give him one of the drinks, telling him the bartender mixed up your order and now you are looking for someone to share it with. He won't be able to resist clever you.

4. Ask your sexy co-worker what time it is as you reach for his wrist to find out yourself. Make your touch linger. He'll automatically feel the electricity.

5. When you are talking to him, keep glancing at his lips. Casually caress your lower lip with your finger. Gently, seductively bite down on it with your teeth. Watch him smile as he realizes what is going through your mind.

Above all, remember that confident body is everything. Stand tall, make eye contact, keep your arms uncrossed, smile, and use relaxed hand gestures when talking. He will find your moves hard to resist.

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