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Expanding Your Fragrance Wardrobe Online

A Guide By Michel Germain

Many of our clients have asked for recommendations on how to expand their fragrance wardrobe online. They love their signature scent and want to have more, but don't know how to choose!

If you are looking for a new summer scent, or a new gorgeous scent to go with your already existing fragrance wardrobe, we are here to help. It's easier than you think.

Let's get started!

Read the fragrance descriptions. Descriptions help you know what the fragrance is going to smell like and make you feel, once you wear it.

View the images that are with the description. They will also help you know what the fragrance will smell like. (floral, fresh, candy-like, e.t.c)

Read the notes. if you like those flowers, candies, or spices, you will love that fragrance. 

Read the reviews. Other people's experiences with wearing the scent will give you an idea of other's views on the fragrance.

Still not sure?

Order a Discovery Set!

It's the perfect way to wear a variety of scents. (The $29 is applied towards your next 2.5 oz or 4.2 oz bottle purchase)

Find Your Perfect Fragrance

Find Your
Perfect Fragrance

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