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Man and woman on motorcycle

Bad boys are fun, but only if you don't invest too much emotionally.

Bad boys are fun while they last, but only if you recognize you are dating one and you don't invest too much emotion and commitment into the relationship.  If you are addicted to the thrill of the chase more than the love of a relationship, bad boys are for you.  If not, stay away from them.  You might end up investing too much of your emotions and time into a relationship that is doomed.  Here are the tell-tale signs that you are dating a bad boy.


You find yourself investigating his past love life.  You barrage him with endless questions about his past girlfriends and why they broke up.  As soon as you find who he dated, you click her name on the computer keyboard, hoping you will find out more about her on facebook and linkedin.  Your main goals?  To find out if she is still in touch with him or if she has named any children after him.


You nearly succeed at convincing yourself that you are the woman who will change his bad boy ways.  Your plan, if you can hang onto him long enough, is to be the all around greatest girlfriend he has ever had:  a blend of mystery, wild fun, and glamor.  After a few weeks you realize you have bags under your eyes and your boss is about to fire you.  That's when you realize changing your bad boy's ways is a job for superwoman and you didn't come from the planet Krypton.


After leaving him a message the day before, you border on hysteria for the whole day until the phone rings at 9 p.m..  He's calling to say he is actually free tonight and would you like to get together?  You leap at the chance.


Once you recognize you are dating a bad boy, you can consciously decide if you want to stay on the roller coaster thrill ride he promises.  If not, you can get off at the next stop and find another ride that may be a little calmer, but just as mesmerizing and, if you choose the right one, just as thrilling.


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