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How To Make Your Signature Scent A Part of Your Life


Michel Germain Perfume Fragrance Tips How To Make Your Signature Scent A Part of Your Life

You love your Sexual perfume, and you want to know the best ways to use your favourite scent and make it a bigger part of your perfumed life.  We asked Michel Germain and he gave us 3 quick tips to get you started:

  1. Spritz your favourite Michel Germain fragrance under running bath water to infuse your water with a romantic, gorgeous scent for gorgeous you.
  2. Spritz cotton balls with your signature scent. Place them in your drawers and in your closet.  You’ll love smelling the fragrance every time you open your drawers and closet.  Plus your clothes will already be infused with your signature perfume.  Perfect!
  3. Hold your Sexual Perfume 3 feet above your bedsheets. Spritz your signature scent 3 times for a romantic feel and a dreamy sleep. 

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