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Perfume Fragrance Tips To Make You Smell Gorgeous All The Time

You love your Sexual perfume, and you want to know the best ways to wear your favourite scent and make you smell amazing all the time.  We asked Michel Germain and he gave us 3 quick tips to get you started:


  1. Spray your perfume on right after taking a shower or bath. The moisture your skin has soaked in will help lock in the fragrance.  So pretty.
  2. Spritz your Sexual Perfume on your pulse points, including your wrists. Leave it to dry before you dress and do not rub.  Rubbing your fragrance will slightly alter the scent of your fragrance and make it disappear faster than intended.
  3. Spray your pretty little ankles 2 times each. As you dance your way through the day, you will be allowing your Sexual Perfume to gently whirl through the air. 

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