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Scent Your Wardrobe. It's Fabulous!

Walking into your closet and smelling lingering cologne or perfume on your clothes is mood enhancing and stylish. It says, "Sophistication" and "Finesse" in one whiff.

To get that amazing feel in your closet, spritz cotton balls with 5 sprays of your favourite Séxūal Perfume or Cologne and put in drawers, clothes pockets, or leave on shelves.

Line your drawers with pretty paper (you can use wrapping paper if you cannot find any shelf paper). Spritz 5 sprays for each sheet of paper.

One sophisticated scent to try for men: Séxūal Noir Pour Homme with Italian Bergamot and Sweet Tobacco. Dark, daring, and masculine.

One beautiful Paris-style scent to try for women: Séxūal Paris with gorgeous Champagne Clementine and Passionflower and Séxūal Paris Tendre's French Rose and Blue Violet Orris.

Find Your Perfect Fragrance

Find Your
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