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The Best Christmas Gift Idea

Want a thoughtful, easy Christmas gift idea that will make him or her love you all the more? Read on!

This Christmas gift idea is promised to win you warm (and maybe even wild) hugs and kisses on Christmas morning!

Cut different sizes of hearts out of pretty pink or red paper. On each heart, write one reason why you love him/her. Go wild and do as many hearts as you can.  Be as daring and/or as loving as you wish.

Some ideas:

Each day I love you more.

I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you.

I love you all too much.  It’s just one of my many joyful problems.

I love the way your hair looks when you roll over in bed to kiss me good morning.

I love the way your eyes smile at me when you see me.

Spritz each heart with your favorite Sexual Perfume or Cologne

Wrap it in a gold box with a big bow. Watch him/her melt as he/she opens your gift Christmas morning. 

You're welcome ; )

Merry, Romantic Christmas!

Pink highlight:

Link sexual perfume to ladies’ page of fragrances.

Cologne to men’s page of website.

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